TD Club Meeting – 9/10/2021 St. Francis University

Defensive Line Coach Levern Belin gave a spirited presentation, with an outlook on the St. Francis Red Flash personel, as well as a demonstration of the energy, effort and yes, love, that he brings to his coaching efforts. More than one of the BHTC attendees were ready to run through a wall for the coach!

Coach Stewart described in detail the planning and resources that went into the new weight room in the Whitney Athletic Center. In the planning and execution of the facility, Chris got every feature that he asked for. There are electric and ethernet at each weight rack with 3D cameras , which allows for measurement and tracking of all movement for analyical study. Force plates measure efficiency of effort.

President John Dollmeyer reminded members that all meetings this year will be at the Newark Country Club. The next meeting is Wednesday, 9/15/2021. Next week we have tight ends coach Bill Polin as our guest coach. Bill is also the staff’s recruiting coordinator and normally gives us an update of the program’s current status in that area. We are not having a guest speaker that day because we have coordinated tours of the Whitney Athletic Center for our membership, before and after the luncheon.

Strength & Conditioning Coach Chris Stewart

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