Mission Statement

Since 1946, the mission of the Blue Hen Touchdown Club has been to support the players of the University of Delaware football program and acknowledge their achievements.

Who We Are

Our members are young and not so young; some live in Delaware and others far, far away; some have worn the winged helmet on Saturdays at Delaware Stadium in years past and others have sons that will do so this season. Our common bond is our love and devotion to our Fightin’ Blue Hens.

What We Do

Luncheons – During the season, club members meet weekly in the Bob Carpenter Club, inside the Bob Carpenter Center on the South Campus at the University of Delaware. Doors open and lunch service starts at 11:15 am and the program begins at Noon. At each luncheon we:

  • Hear from and have a Q&A with a member of the coaching staff.
  • Present the previous games BHTC Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams MVP awards after each win.
  • Weekly, our speakers include one of the teams’ Assistant Coaches and occasionally former Blue Hen players or other special guests.

Senior Banquet – Annually, club members, parents, fans and the football and athletic department staffs gather at the Blue Hen Touchdown Club Senior Banquet to honor the hard work and commitment our Blue Hens make during their careers at the University of Delaware. Also honored that evening are the Senior Interns.

Road Trips – Many of our club members support our Blue Hens when they play away from Delaware Stadium and the Blue Hen Touchdown Club organizes travel to many Blue Hen road games.

  • BHTC Bus Trips – Leaving from and returning to Newark on game-day, but some may include an overnight stay.
  • BHTC Hotel – Separately from the bus trips in many cases, the club also books rooms at an area hotel so club members that wish to travel on their own can gather together prior to or after the game.

Annual Awards


Taylor Memorial Award

Nolan Henderson

#2 Smyrna, DE, Smyrna H.S. Business Administration
Left to Right: Presenter, Chip Taylor IV, QB Nolan Henderson, Coach Andrew Pierce

Outstanding Offensive Player

Nolan Henderson

#2 Smyrna, DE, Smyrna H.S. Business Administration
Left to Right: QB Nolan Henderson with Head Coach Ryan Carty

Outstanding Defensive Players

Johnny Buchanan

#33 Brick, NJ St. John Vianney H.S. Health Behavior Science

Kedrick Whitehead (not pictured)

#1 Middletown, DE Middletown H.S. Health Behavior Science
Left to Right: Linebacker Johnny Buchanan with Head Coach Ryan Carty.

Outstanding Lineman

Artis Hemmingway

#91 Hillside, NJ Pope John XII H.S. Organizational & Community Leadership
Left to Right: Artis Hemmingway with Head Coach Ryan Carty

Outstanding Special Teams Players

Ben Dinkel

#99 Kearny, NE Kearney H.S. Advertising

Jake Reed

#68 Odessa, DE Caravel H.S. International Business
Left to Right: Ben Dinkel, punter, Head Coach Ryan Carty, Jake Reed, long snapper

“Winnie Mayer” Outstanding End

Thyrick Pitts

#1 Manassas, VA, Forest Park H.S. Business Administration MBA.

Unsung Heroes

Anthony Paoletti

#3  Broomall, PA Marple-Newtown H.S. International Business
Left to Right: Anthony Paoletti, Head Coach, Ryan Carty (Justis Henley not pictured)

Justin Henley (not pictured)

#21 Philadelphia, PA North Penn H.S. Organizational & Community Leadership
Left to Right: Anthony Paoletti, Head Coach, Ryan Carty

Newark Elks Scholar Athlete

Thyrick Pitts, Jr.

#1 Manassas, VA, Forest Park H.S. Business Administration MBA

Captains Award

Johnny Buchanan, Nolan Henderson, Thyrick Pitts, Jr. (not pictured), Liam Trainer, Kedrick Whitehead (not pictured)

Left to Right: Johnny Buchannan, Nolan Henderson, Head Coach Ryan Carty, and Liam Trainer.

Board of Directors

Russ Crook


Mark Werrell

Vice President

Rob Barrow


Adele Knopf


John Dollmeyer


Bruce Finnicum


Bill Harrison


Cathy Matthews


Harold Smith


Be A Part of Hens History

December, 2021 – Ryan Carty returns to campus as Head Coach.

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Conference Opponents

Club Bylaws


The name of this association shall be the BLUE HEN TOUCHDOWN CLUB hereafter designated as the “Club”.


The objects, purpose and scope of the Club shall be:
1. The encouragement of an interest in and a better understanding of the game of football, especially for the University of Delaware.
2. Activity in any phase of civic work concerned with football, insofar as finances permit, such activity to be undertaken at the discretion of the Executive Board.
3. To provide an opportunity for refreshment, entertainment, social diversion and fellowship among its members.
4. The association is not organized for business purposes, nor pecuniary profit, and no funds paid into the treasury shall inure exclusively to the benefit of any member, but shall inure exclusively to the fmancial benefit of the Club with the University of Delaware Team strictly as an organization we socially support.


The membership of this Club shall at all times consist of persons who are bonafide dues paying members of the “Club”. Members of good standing are entitled to all the privileges of the Club. Honorary Members of good standing must be approved by the Executive Board and are entitled to the same privileges as paid up members.


1. Composition and Tenure — The officers shall be elected by the members of the Club at the last regular meeting in November in the manner provided herein and shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. All Officers must be paid up members in good standing of the Club. Terms of office shall be for two years and shall be from February 1 of the year following their election through January 31, two years after their election. While it is recognized that “special circumstances” as determined by the Board of Directors, may dictate otherwise, it is the intent of these by laws that the officers named above will not serve more than two (2) consecutive elected terms. After retirement from office for a two year period, former officers may once again run for the office previously held. No members may hold more than one office at a time. The term of an officer designated to fill a vacancy shall be for the unexpired term of the predecessor. Should the Vice-President need to complete the term of the President, such Vice-President may run to be elected by the membership of the Club as President for the following full two-year term.
2. THE EXECUTIVE BOARD shall be composed of the four officers outlined in paragraph 1 above, plus a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of (5) Directors at large elected by members of the Club, and the appointed Committee Chairperson(s). The committee Chairperson(s) serve at the pleasure of the incumbent President and are appointed by the Executive Board as needed and may be either Directors of the Club or members appointed as needed by the Board of Directors to a Chairperson position. Directors shall serve terms of three years and are elected as needed at the annual election in November. Immediate past presidents of the “Club” shall hold an EX Officio position on the Board for a period of two (2) years. The quorum necessary for the Executive Board to conduct business shall be one (1) more than 50% of the total serving at the time.
3. VOTING RIGHTS for Executive Board business matters are vested with the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Elected Directors, and duly appointed Committee Chairpersons.
4. RESIGNATION, REMOVAL OR VACANCY - The resignation of an officer shall be tendered to the Club. If a vacancy occurs in any office other than that of President or Vice-President, the Executive Board shall designate by majority vote a member to fill the vacancy. If a vacahcy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice President shall automatically become President for the balance of the unexpired term of the predecessor. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Vice President, the Executive Board shall elect a successor by majority vote for the unexpired term of the predecessor. An officer elected by the Club may be removed from office, with or without cause, but only by a majority vote by the Board of Directors. The authority of any elected officer may be suspended by a majority vote of the Executive Board for cause at any time. Any duly appointed Committee Chairperson may be removed by the Executive Board, with or without cause, at any time.


These Articles may be modified, altered or amended by a majority vote of the Executive Board by virtue of the power invested in such Board by the members of the Club. These Articles and Amendments shall be ratified by a vote of the membership at a time and place designated for such.


1. The management of the business and affairs shall be in the hands of the Executive Board.
2. Vacancies occurring in the elected offices shall be filled as delineated in paragraph 4, Article IV.
3. The President and in the President’s absence, the Vice President, shall preside at all meetings of the Club and all meetings of the Executive Board.
4. The duties of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, or their designee, shall be as established by the Executive Board from time to time.
5. The meetings of the Club shall be held on the day and time designated by the President or Executive Board. Meetings shall be held during the football season, and shall be scheduled so the last regular meeting is held prior to the last game played by the University of Delaware. Changes of meeting times and dates shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board. Meetings of the Executive Board shall be at such time and place as designated by the President. The Secretary shall duly record and securely maintain the proceedings and discussions of the Board meetings. Board meeting minutes shall be available to the membership upon request. At least one organizational meeting shall be held by the Executive Board.
6. The Treasurer shall maintain and keep secure all checkbooks and accounting records of the Club. Annually, the Treasurer shall complete a reconcifiation and report on the Club’s receipts and disbursements, and present same to the Executive Board. Interim reports should be presented at each Executive Board meeting. The President and Treasurer shall have signatory authority on the Club’s Checking and Savings accounts.
7. The Secretary shall maintain all other official records of the Club to include but not limited to Board decisions/reports, minutes of meetings, incorporation documents, correspondence, etc. The records maintained shall be kept so long as they are pertinent to ongoing Club business and/or create an historical summary of the Club.


1. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Nominating
Committee Chairperson, and shall submit at the first regular meeting in
November a slate of candidates for election as Officers and Directors of the
Club Executive Board.
2. The Communications Committee shall be appointed by the Communication Committee Chairperson. The Communications Committee shall be responsible for preparing the Club newsletter and other materials for distribution to the club membership.
3. The Membership committee shall be appointed by the Membership Committee Chairperson. The committee shall be responsible for creating materials promoting membership to members of the Club, and the creation and distribution of a “New Member” package for distribution as appropriate. The committee shall also maintain membership records and mailing lists.
4. The Banquet Committee shall be appointed by the Banquet Committee Chairperson. The Banquet Committee shall plan and execute all aspects of the annual banquet, menu and coordination of the tickets. The Banquet Chairperson shall also coordinate the planning, the soliciting of advertisements, and the printing of the banquet booklet.
5. The Special Activity Committee shall be appointed by the Special Committee Chairperson. The Committee shall be responsible for planning and executing special activities for the enjoyment of Club Members.


The annual dues for members and admission fees for new members shall be established yearly by the Executive Board. Fees and funds collected shall be utilized for the benefit of the club membership and the operation of the club as designated by the Executive Board.


The luncheon fees shall be set at the discretion of the Executive Board. Weekly invited speakers, members of the media and official guests of the Club will not be assessed luncheon fees.


Members of the Club may invite non-members as guests to the luncheon meetings. Guests who desire to become members may make application to become such.


Club indebtedness is allowable only as approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Indebtedness will not exceed the total of funds available to the Club for expenditure purposes.


The Club shall, at the conclusion of each football season, select and make such award presentations as are established by the Executive Board. All such awards shall be Club sponsored or endorsed awards and will be awarded at the discretion of the Executive Board.