BHTC MVP’s – Morgan State University – 10/22/2022

Offense – Brett Buckman #13 Wide Receiver (Pictured Below, Left)

Defense – Artis Hemmingway #91 / Defensive Line (Pictured Below, Right)

Special Teams – Jake Reed #68 / Long Snapper (Pictured Above)

Next BHTC Luncheon

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Guest Coach: Chris Rogers – Offensive Line

Guest Speaker: – Dan Steenkamer – HERO Sports Contributor/Journalist

The Bob Carpenter Club – Doors open: 11:00 am, Food served: 11:15 Program begins: Noon

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Describing tight ends Bryce DeMaille, Braden Brose, and Luke
Frederick as a three-headed monster, position Coach Garrett
took time to explain a tight end’s role in Ryan Carty’s
offense. Combining power needed to block 280 pound defensive
ends and the skill to run good pass routes, Coach Smith said he
was fortunate to have players with great ability to do both. A
former QB at Louisiana Monroe, Smith was hired by Coach Carty
at Sam Houston State after a brief stint at his alma mater. When
Carty called him to travel north to join the new Delaware staff,
Garrett jumped at the chance (although he is still getting used to
the colder weather. He described the off week as a “get better
week”, developing younger players and hitting the recruiting trail.
Coach Smith is responsible for recruiting northern Virginia and
Texas (where he can have the opportunity to warm up!).

Have you ever complained about doing laundry? Not Alec
Schwartz, the Head Football Equipment Manager
, who washes 100
“loops” (devices to hold each player and coach’s dirty laundry)
daily. He and his assistant and 16 student interns do laundry
from 6 am well into the afternoon and at times later. But that’s
only the tip of the iceberg.

They are responsible for:
1. Ordering all the gear and equipment from Adidas in the off-

2. Fitting helmets and shoulder pads on the first day of pre-
3. Prepping new footballs (16 steps) for practice and games by
washing and applying shaving cream, lotions and “mud” to
get the balls ready.
4. Reporting at 6 am each day to set up the fields with
equipment for the daily 8 am practices.
5. Starting on Tuesdays to prep for gamedays by packing large
trunks with additional clothing and equipment, checking the
Coach’s com system, preparing travel bags for each player
and coach for away games, and passing out uniforms on
6. Repairing broken equipment and torn uniforms.
But wait, there’s more! But I’m too exhausted to continue! I did
not even describe all the work done on gamedays. Kudos to Alec
and his staff for the seven day per week work schedule to provide
for the team’s every need. We certainly now realize and
appreciate the efforts that goes on beyond the scenes. (Reported by Mark Werrell)

Garrett Smith, Tight Ends Coach
Alec Schwartz, Head Football Equip. Mgr.

After a one week pause, the Team and the Club are back to it for the “stretch run”!

Join us this Friday, to talk Blue Hen Football and to hear from our coach and guest speakers:

Garrett Smith, Tight Ends Coach, came to us with Coach Carty by way of Sam Houston State.

Alec Schwartz, Head Football Equipment Manager

Both speakers are sure to be entertaining.

We will also honor our MVP’s from the William & Mary game:

Blaise Sparks, Drew Nickles, Justis Henley

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As usual, we will meet in the Bob Carpenter Club at 11:00. Lunch served at 11:15, program at noon.

The Sad news:

Two loyal Blue Hens have passed in recent days. Former Club President and passionate fan and friend, Ken Schilling, and former player and coach, Bryan Bossard have gone to the Lord. Our thoughts are with Ken and Bryan and their families.

Corner Backs coach and Recruiting Coordinator, Holman Copeland
gave us a brief scouting report of the William and Mary offense
(run, run, play action pass). Based on the results of the game, we
knew what to expect!

Asked what does the staff look for when recruiting, Coach Cope
said, first and foremost, they look for players who love the game.
Certainly, all the measurables such as height, weight, and
position are important but the desire to succeed at the game they
love is the number one attraction for this staff. He also stated that
speed is very critical as UD’s defense is predicated on
aggressively flowing to get the ball.

The team is potentially losing many starters but Coach Cope
emphasized that the staff continually develops guys behind the
starters to provide depth and to create next year’s starters.

If you did not attend the lunch you missed a FASCINATING talk
by Christina Rasnake, the Director of Sports Science and

Coach Rasnake
Chris came to the University with a background in
strength and conditioning but began to apply data gathered from
sports teams first at Dartmouth and then at Missouri State. She
holds a one of a kind position at Delaware in that her analytic data
is applied to all sports teams, not just football.

Chris, along with her 20 graduate/undergraduate interns, takes
data from the weight rooms to provide information to coaches
which they can make actionable. 62 gps devices worn by football
players measure speed, intensity and what she called
“fatigueability”. Trends can be used to map out practices and
empowering coaches to utilize data for conditioning purposes and
how that relates to game plans. She works in conjunction with
athletic training, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. No other
CAA schools utilize these methods. Data analytics is used
regularly in professional sports.

We did not get the result we wanted, but the opportunity to win was there, right until the final play. It is time to regroup for the second half of the season “push”. All of the team goals are still there!

MVP’s for the game:

Offense – Blaise Sparks #67 OL
Defense – Drew Nickles #51 LB
Special Teams – Justis Henley #21 DB

Reminder: There is no luncheon this week, and no game on Saturday. We next meet on Friday, 10/21/2022 prior to the Homecoming clash with the Morgan State University Bears. Details to follow next week.

Watch for a report on last week’s interesting meeting soon!

Our MVP’s for Towson:

Offense: #24 Kyron Cumby, Running Back
Defense: #21 Justis Henley, Defensive Back
Special Teams: #16 Alex Villas, Defensive Back

Next BHTC Luncheon:

Thursday, Oct 6, 2022
Guest Coach: Holman Copeland – Assistant Coach/Corners/ Recruiting Coordinator
Guest Speaker: Christina Rasnake – Director of Sports Science and Analytics
The Bob Carpenter Club – doors open: 11:15 am & program begins: Noon
members $25 / non-members $30

Prior to Saturday’s victory over Towson, Linebackers Coach Rich Yahner gave lunch goers what would be expected from the Tigers offense. He also gave a glimpse into the work ethic and spirit of the linebacker’s room telling us he has to chase his crew out of the weight and film rooms monitoring his players so that they don’t do too much in preparation for each game. Luncheon
attendees gave a cheer when Yahner told them the end of each linebacker meeting ends with “Beat Nova!”.

Colonial Athletic Association Commissioner Joe D’Antonio shared his take on today’s NCAA football environment, why JMU left the CAA, and answered a multitude of questions from BHTC members. He explained the addition of new members to the CAA (Hampton, North Carolina A&T, Stony Brook, Monmouth, and next year Campbell) was a proactive move to provide stability,
sustainability, and competitiveness. The new schools were offered membership to the CAA (the only way in which a school
can gain membership to any conference) based on geographic fit, academic commitment, and an ongoing commitment to give
athletes the best opportunity for success. By the way, if you see the Commissioner ask him to tell you the one about his friend,
his friend’s mother-in-law, and their trip to the Holy Lands!

The Blue Hens throttle Hampton 35-3, and move to 4-0! The BHTC MVP’s for the game are:

Offense – Wide Receiver, Thyrick Pitts
Defense – Defensive Back, Amonte’ Strothers
Special Teams – Tight End, Braden Brose

Join us in the Bob Carpenter Club to hear from:

Guest Coach – Rich Yahner, Linebackers
Guest Speaker- CAA Commissioner, Joe D’Antonio

Doors open at 11:00 AM
Food served at 11:15 PM
Program at Noon Members $25, Non-Members $30
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Also, check out the report of last week’s meeting!

Parking: Remember, we park behind the BOB, in the lot between the soccer and softball fields. Enter the BOB through the doors in back. Other areas could result in a UD parking ticket.

Imagine being hired to handle the special-teams duties on a new
football staff and when you show up there is only one kicker on
the team. That’s what Coach Art Link related to the club about his
arrival at Delaware. The starting kicker had transferred to
Cincinnati and the starting punter was in the transfer portal.
Fortunately, Coach Link got to work and brought in a transfer
punter and two freshmen place kickers. The special teams room
got a little bigger! Coach link told us about his special-teams
experience learning from both Ron Zook and Urban Meyer at the
University of Florida, as a graduate assistant, to his experience at
Division III Christopher Newport where he was the head coach
with responsibilities for special teams.

The second speaker was Blue Hen legendary linebacker Ralph
. Ralph entertained us with his Tubby stories including
the time Tubby was painting Ralph’s senior portrait. Apparently,
an assistant coach and the long time Delaware head coach had a
lengthy discussion about the color of Ralph’s eyes. According to
Ralph’s wife (who was also in attendance at the lunch) the color
match was perfect. Ralph also let us know who was the craziest
player on the team during his time – Kenny Bailey. Kenny would
regularly challenge his team mates to push up contests after
practice. It seems that very few, including Ralph, desired to
participate after a grueling practice!

The Offense that Coach Carty told us about, was on full display vs. Rhode Island in a game that was already decided before halftime.
Be sure to attend our meeting this Friday. We hope to again have the BHTC MVP’s of the game in attendance.

Offense – Nolan Henderson #2 QB
Defense – Drew Nickles #51 LB
Special Teams- Liam Trainer #11 LB

Our speakers this week are:
Coach Art Link, Special Teams and Safeties
Ralph D’Angelo, Passionate Blue Hen alumnus and record setting linebacker.

Doors open at 11:00, food served at 11:15, program at noon. Members $25, Guests $30

Please pre-register at:

Check out the report of last week’s meeting in the prior blog post. GO HENS!