BHTC Meeting Report- UNH Week 9/22/2023

Quarterback Coach Sean Goldrich (pictured above) and Offensive MVP for St. Francis win, WR Kym Wimberly (below) joined us from the UD Football program.

Also joining us were CAA Commissioner, Joe D’Antonio and Club member and outstanding linebacker alumnus, Ralph D’Angelo. Meeting details:


Hopefully by this time everyone has had a chance to dry out after last Saturday’s “Shower at the Tub”. No matter how well you prepare, something you don’t want to get wet does so!
We were well entertained by three speakers last week: QB Coach Sean Goldrich, former Hen great Ralph D’Angelo, and the Commissioner of the CAA, Joe D’Antonio (is there an Italian-American theme here?).

Coach Goldrich
Anticipating the bad weather, Coach Goldrich spoke about the need for a well-rounded offensive effort. But the offensive system in place for the Hens teaches an aggressive mentality. That is, Delaware will take some shots in spite of the weather.
Sean told us that Ryan O’Connor is learning and developing well. Who better to tell us than a former New Hampshire QB who ran Coach Carty’s offense in the Granite State.
Both freshmen QB’s are very talented. Daniel Lipovski has picked up the offense better than anyone in Goldrich’s experience and Nick Minicucci has a dynamite arm who is also developing well.

Commissioner D’Antonio
The “Commish” is a dynamic speaker who shot from the hip in his talk about everything CAA. Some highlights:
To get into the playoffs, a team should go 6-2 in the CAA and win its non-conference FCS games. A win over an FBS team is icing on the playoff cake but a loss does not hurt.
The average payday from FBS teams for games with CAA teams is between $250-400,000. Each contract is unique between the FBS and CAA schools.
CAA football will add Bryant University next year bringing the team total to 15. This is being done for stability in the everchanging conference realignment. The goal is to solidify the CAA in a sustainable and competitive model.
With the transfer portal, NIL, and the very “slight” guardrails provided by the NCAA, college football is now the Wild West. Many states have created their own “rules” only to make it seem as if there are no rules.

Ralph D’Angelo
Last but most certainly not least, the team of Ralph and Nancy (his spouse) once again regaled us with stories of years past.
Ralph’s friend and fellow Blue Hen linebacker Dennis Hulme showed up one day in a purple dune buggy. When Tubby painted Dennis’ senior picture it included the dune buggy and Hulme was so upset that he tore the painting in half. Fortunately, his friends and teammates restored the painting for him (wondering if they were Art Conservation majors at UD?).
Nancy let us know that Ralph’s Tubby painting is enshrined in their family room. She also told us that Ralph has a year of eligibility left though his knee replacement may slow him down a bit.
Ralph loves the brand of football and culture that Ryan Carty has brought to UD as well as the Athletic Department’s effort to improve infrastructure and student-athlete support needed for recruiting.

Joe D’Antonio (L)…………………………………………………….Ralph D”Angelo (R)

Narrative by Mark Werrell, Photos bt Mark Campbell

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