Quarterback Coach Sean Goldrich (pictured above) and Offensive MVP for St. Francis win, WR Kym Wimberly (below) joined us from the UD Football program.

Also joining us were CAA Commissioner, Joe D’Antonio and Club member and outstanding linebacker alumnus, Ralph D’Angelo. Meeting details:


Hopefully by this time everyone has had a chance to dry out after last Saturday’s “Shower at the Tub”. No matter how well you prepare, something you don’t want to get wet does so!
We were well entertained by three speakers last week: QB Coach Sean Goldrich, former Hen great Ralph D’Angelo, and the Commissioner of the CAA, Joe D’Antonio (is there an Italian-American theme here?).

Coach Goldrich
Anticipating the bad weather, Coach Goldrich spoke about the need for a well-rounded offensive effort. But the offensive system in place for the Hens teaches an aggressive mentality. That is, Delaware will take some shots in spite of the weather.
Sean told us that Ryan O’Connor is learning and developing well. Who better to tell us than a former New Hampshire QB who ran Coach Carty’s offense in the Granite State.
Both freshmen QB’s are very talented. Daniel Lipovski has picked up the offense better than anyone in Goldrich’s experience and Nick Minicucci has a dynamite arm who is also developing well.

Commissioner D’Antonio
The “Commish” is a dynamic speaker who shot from the hip in his talk about everything CAA. Some highlights:
To get into the playoffs, a team should go 6-2 in the CAA and win its non-conference FCS games. A win over an FBS team is icing on the playoff cake but a loss does not hurt.
The average payday from FBS teams for games with CAA teams is between $250-400,000. Each contract is unique between the FBS and CAA schools.
CAA football will add Bryant University next year bringing the team total to 15. This is being done for stability in the everchanging conference realignment. The goal is to solidify the CAA in a sustainable and competitive model.
With the transfer portal, NIL, and the very “slight” guardrails provided by the NCAA, college football is now the Wild West. Many states have created their own “rules” only to make it seem as if there are no rules.

Ralph D’Angelo
Last but most certainly not least, the team of Ralph and Nancy (his spouse) once again regaled us with stories of years past.
Ralph’s friend and fellow Blue Hen linebacker Dennis Hulme showed up one day in a purple dune buggy. When Tubby painted Dennis’ senior picture it included the dune buggy and Hulme was so upset that he tore the painting in half. Fortunately, his friends and teammates restored the painting for him (wondering if they were Art Conservation majors at UD?).
Nancy let us know that Ralph’s Tubby painting is enshrined in their family room. She also told us that Ralph has a year of eligibility left though his knee replacement may slow him down a bit.
Ralph loves the brand of football and culture that Ryan Carty has brought to UD as well as the Athletic Department’s effort to improve infrastructure and student-athlete support needed for recruiting.

Joe D’Antonio (L)…………………………………………………….Ralph D”Angelo (R)

Narrative by Mark Werrell, Photos bt Mark Campbell

With the win on Saturday, and an OPEN DATE on the schedule, the BHTC will NOT meet this week. Let’s savor the 3-1 start, and get together on October 6th.

Details here:

Offensive MVP: #14 Ryan O’Connor
Defensive MVP: #3 Alex Villas
Special Teams MVP: #58 TJ Latore

No Meeting this Week

Next Meeting: Friday, October 6th

Coach to speak: Garrett Smith, Assistant Coach / Tight Ends

Guest Speaker: Heidi Sarver, UD Marching Band Director

Before we get out our rain gear in preparation for our next game
at The Tub, let’s take a quick look back and see what our lunch
speakers said last week.

Rocco Demeco
Linebackers and Ass’t Special Teams Coach

Hired by Coach Carty in January 2023, Coach Demeco comes
from LIU where he spent a year coaching the linebackers and
served as the Special Teams Coordinator. Prior to his time on
Long Island he coached for 4 years at Winona State (Minnesota)
in the same capacity.
He jumped at the opportunity to join Ryan Carty’s staff because
football is important and matters at Delaware.

His biggest adjustment to the Manny Rojas led defense is that the
defensive backs are the primary communicators. The linebackers
do set the front 6-7 but, overall, there is a lot of signaling and
talking prior to the offensive snap. Demeco said the personalities
in the linebacker room make this job easier and commented on
the leadership of Dillon Trainer as well as the sterling play of
transfer Jackson Taylor.

Mark Campbell

Retired UD Photographer

Going down memory lane with Mark, a BHTC member, through
his photos was a blast! From old pics of Blue Hens past to the
present day, Mark took us on a journey of all things UD football.
It was fascinating to hear how he was able to get credentials to
take pictures of Ravens games when Joe Flacco played in
Baltimore and his delight (although the press has to stay neutral!)
when Elena Delle Donne held “court” for UD women’s basketball.
He gave us a primer on sports photography detailing the three
essentials of a good pic, Face, Ball, Action. Additionally better
photographs involve an out of focus background and a low shot
Capturing human emotion in a picture is the best approach
including celebration and defeat in one picture as well as tears of
joy. Of course, timing and luck make a successful photograph
See Mark’s presentation at this lonk: https://www.henshots.com/Football/2023/BHTD-Club-Presentation-9-15-23/

Left: Coach Rocco Demeco Right: Mark Campbell

Report by: Mark Werrell

The Fighting Blue Hens took care of business vs. St. Francis, and now prepare for the most important game so far, the University of New Hampshire.

Come to the Club this week to hear from our multiple guests, and hopefully we can congratulate our Most Valuable Players, in person!

Details here:

Offensive MVP: #12 Kym Wimberly

Defensive MVP: #44 Dillon Trainer

Next Meeting; Friday, September 22, 2023 in the Bob Carpenter Club (Parking behind the BOB, between the soccer and softball fields).

Doors open at 11:00, Food served at 11:15, Program starts at Noon.

Coach to speak: Sean Goldrich, Assistant Coach / Quarterbacks

Guest Speakers:
Joe D’Antonio, CAA Commissioner
Ralph D’Angelo, Outstanding Linebacker Under Head Coach Tubby Raymond

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On Left: WR, Kym Wimberly, On Right: LB, Dillon Trainer,

As we look forward to our first home game of the season on 9-16-
23, let’s quickly look back at the speakers from our last lunch.

Dan Watson
Deputy AD, Sport Performance and Campus Recreation

Dan provided the attendees with a compelling talk about how
different parts of the Athletic Department work together to provide
the best possible experience for all student-athletes at the
University of Delaware.
As a former athletic trainer for the football team, Dan explained
how critical it is for all aspects of an athlete’s care work together.
From nutrition and athletic training to medical care and strength
and conditioning, it is important that all groups are not pulling the
athletes in different directions. This cooperation even includes
analytics and psychology. Dan explained there are times when
the data from the Analytics team shows that an athlete may need
more work in real time and make suggestions to the coaches to
ensure he/she gets the additional work.
The Whitney Athletic Center allows the groups to accomplish
such synergy because they are all imbedded at the WAC.
Additionally, Dan commented on being anti-solo inviting
cooperation and research from other parts of the University. For
example, the newly patented mechanical hamstring device came

as a result of a University wide “Shark Tank” like contest. It
appears that Sports Performance is on the cutting edge!

Art Link
Special Teams Coordinator and Safeties Coach

Coach link talked about the task of replacing two excellent
safeties (Kedrick Whitehead and Noah Plack) and felt that the
team has replaced them with quality players. He mentioned KT
Seay, a freshman who enrolled last spring as well as returnees
Alex Villas, Christian Pierce, Tyler Davis, and Steven Rose, Jr.
In terms of Special Teams, linebackers coach Rocco Dimeco is
helping as he has had experience coaching Special Teams at
other universities. This help has allowed Coach Link to work
more with the safeties.
When asked about how players are chosen to play on special
teams, he pointed out three categories:
1. Some guys play special teams only. These include younger
players and players who have a knack for special teams
play. One of the latter category Link mentioned was Kaelin
2. Back-up defensive backs.
3. Those players Coach Carty does not want participating on
Special Teams.

We meet again before the St. Francis University game. At last week’s lunch, before the loss at Penn State, we heard from Special Teams and Safeties Coach, Art Link, and Associate A.D. for Sports Performance, Dan WAtson.

This week we will hear from Assistant Coach, Linebackers, Rocco DiMeco and outstanding UD Sports Photographer, Mark Campbell. We expect Mark to share his memories and some of his iconic photos. This should be a good one!

We meet in the Bob Carpenter Club. Doors open at 11:00 AM, Food served at 11:15, Program at Noon.

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Last week’s Outstanding Performers:

#21 RB Marcus Yarns
#22 DB Nic Ware
#40 Punter, Ryan Kost

A few seats remain for the Towson bus trip on October 28th. Register and pay here: